Pharmacies Division

Our Pharmaceutical Division is managing the operation of external and internal pharmacies within our Medical Center and other company’s individual pharmacies. In addition, the division provides service for other companies and supply services for large pharmaceutical companies.

Our Pharmacies

  • Al-Faraby Pharmacy In Etisalat district near Al-Faraby Medical Center in Dammam.
  •  Al-Farabi Pharmacy 2 in Al-Aziziyah district, near the Medical Complex.
  • Al-Faraby Pharmacy In Doha district near Al-Faraby Medical Center in Dharan.
  • Internal Pharmacy In Dammam 1st Industrial city near Al-Faraby Medical Center in Dammam 1st Industrial city.

About Us

Welcome to Al-Faraby Medical Group. Al-Faraby Medical Group has expanded the spectrum of its services over the past years to fulfill its customers’ needs in the medical field within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Faraby Medical Group employees are committed to provide our patients and clients an exceptional service where quality, patient safety.


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