Farabi network services to operate professional clinics

F- ICON is our brand new responsible for managing and operating first aid clinics. Led by experienced healthcare professionals, F-ICON provides medical services on the job site in accordance with the safety standards required by Saudi Aramco, and in line with the requirements of the minimum medical standards of the MMSR Saudi Aramco Directory.

Our Standard of Practice
Quality care & Safe practice remain our priority standards. MOH requirements, Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organization Minimum Medical Standards Requirements (SAMSO-MMSR) Manual are our reference guidelines for all medical standards. We strive to comply with all requirements.

Scope of Work

  • To provide first aid, pre-hospital emergency treatment and stabilization of ill and injured patients.
  • To ensure ill and injured patients are referred to and transferred without undue delay to an appropriate medical facility as required.
  • To provide medical support in the event of a mass casualty incident, disaster or other emergency situations in line with company’s Emergency Response Preparedness (ERP) program.
  • To provide medical support, advice and health education to the company’s workforce in relation to their acute and chronic illness as needed.
  • To participate in activities such as wellness program and health campaigns as required by the company.

About Us

Welcome to Al-Faraby Medical Group. Al-Faraby Medical Group has expanded the spectrum of its services over the past years to fulfill its customers’ needs in the medical field within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Faraby Medical Group employees are committed to provide our patients and clients an exceptional service where quality, patient safety.


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