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Our belief that education and training is the lifeblood of our operations, therefore our employees receive appropriate education and training support to reach clinical competence before being appointed in this field, and their skills are periodically evaluated, updated and supervised. Our professional development, education and training center in Dammam is affiliated with the Saudi Society and First Aid, and competency related lessons for operating clinics.

Based on our belief that education and training is the lifeblood of our operation, our medical and support staff receives the appropriate education and training to reach clinical competence prior to being assigned in the field. Their skills are periodically evaluated and updated. They are constantly supervised. Our Professional Development, Education &Training (PET) Center in Dammam is affiliated with the Saudi Heart Association and offers BLS and First Aid classes as well as other clinical competencies classes relevant to industrial Clinics operation.

MODEL “SIMULATOR” CLINIC (completed in August 2013) the first of its kind, reflecting our commitment to education and training. This MMSR compliant clinic is an exact replica of a first aid industrial clinic and serves as a “simulator’ where clinical skills are demonstrated, practised and evaluated as part of our on-going Skills competencies program. Among our teaching aids, the future acquisition of an EKG simulator reflects this concept. The model clinic also has a small resource library.

Our comprehensive education curriculum includes class-room and on-site orientation programs for all disciplines, skills competencies training and assessment, and on-the-job training. Regular site visits are scheduled by trainers to ensure continuity of staff’s education and training. Hands-on practices are observed and evaluated and training tailored to meet individual needs.

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Welcome to Al-Faraby Medical Group. Al-Faraby Medical Group has expanded the spectrum of its services over the past years to fulfill its customers’ needs in the medical field within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Faraby Medical Group employees are committed to provide our patients and clients an exceptional service where quality, patient safety.


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