Doctor. Motieb Mohammed Almahmoud



Doctor. Motieb Mohammed Almahmoud

Internal Medical specialist

-Have a Syrian Board Certificate and a specialization in Internal Medicine

-Have experience in Diagnosis and Treatment of:

– Diabetes and its complications

– Diagnosis and Treatment of High lipids and cholesterol in the blood and managing their rise

– Diagnosis and Treatment of High blood pressure and arterial tension

-Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the digestive system and intestines, such as gastritis, colon spasm, and intestinal infections

-Diagnosis and Treatment of Thyroid problems and diseases

-Diagnosis and Treatment of Chest diseases such as upper respiratory infections, asthma, bronchitis and allergic diseases

-Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious diseases (typhoid fever, brucellosis, dysentery, shigella,…)

-Diagnosis and Treatment of joint diseases

Internal Medicine

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