Comprehensive Examination Importance

February 22, 2020

Comprehensive exams help diagnose the patient’s condition and early detection of diseases as soon as they occur, prevent complications of the disease and help discover physical obstacles and facilitate their treatment, which raises the health level of the individual and society. Arteriosclerosis, diabetes, breast tumors, lungs, colon, and viral liver infections can be avoided by conducting a comprehensive medical examination periodically, so the best way to protect them is from a pound of treatment because early detection helps, God willing, to quickly treat it. The technological development of medical devices plays a very important role in discovering the disease early and starting the appropriate treatment quickly, as technological development benefits by conducting laboratory tests using modern devices that show their results quickly in addition to radiological examinations, which depend on the use of sophisticated and very accurate x-ray devices. Accurate and fast, which supports and facilitates a comprehensive body examination. Comprehensive examination programs Comprehensive examination includes laboratory analytical and radiological examinations, clinical examination, such as cholesterol and fat examination, eye pressure examination, dental examination, hepatitis and AIDS examination, urine examination, fecal and blood examination, chest radiation, and also tests that show the pellet rate Red blood, kidney examination, blood sugar test, vision examination and diagnosis of vision problems, and measurement of both hearing and breathing, so these tests facilitate the diagnosis of a person’s health and then the appropriate medical procedure is determined.

Preparations for a comprehensive medical examination
Willingness ensures that you perform the exams in a shorter period and get the best results, including: Setting an appointment in advance of going for a comprehensive examination. Show the results of the examinations he performed during the last six months of the specialist. Refrain from eating and drinking 8-12 hours before the date that he will perform the comprehensive medical examination and refrain from smoking. Refrain from taking vitamins and nutritional supplements 48 hours before the date that the comprehensive medical examination will be conducted, except as prescribed by the doctor. Refrain from eating foods that cause gases such as: fresh, uncooked vegetables, legumes, fruits, foods that use milk, soft drinks, and also not consuming alcohol. Inform the doctor about the medications he takes and determine the doses if he is taking certain medications. Eating healthy food, exercising continuously, avoiding smoking and unhealthy habits that are harmful to health, all of which help to prevent illnesses and enjoy physical strength.

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