Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

July 18, 2021

in urology clinic in Al-Furoby many patients suffering from Erectile dysfunction comes to See k medical advice

1- what is the Erectile dysfunction

» inability to attain and maintain an ere cation Sufficient for satisfactory Sexual intercourse

2- causes of Erectile dysfunction

A- psychic causes (depression, stress , anxiety
social problems)
B- organic causes ( Diabetics mellitus – *hypertensin* deficient Cardiovascular diseases testosterone *horme* deficiency)

3-inrestigation for Erectile dysfunction

A- fasting blood glaucas
b- fasting lipid profile
C- Serum testosterone
D- Urine analysis
E- Abdominal ultrasound to check prostate Size

4- Treatment of Erectile dysfunction

First : treat any disease cause this problem
Like : Control *diabetes* and hypertension and
hyper *cholesterobrmia*

blood flow Like Cialis

Third: Life style changes
1- stop smoking
2- Regular daily exercise walking every day for 45 minute
3- change diet habits avoid starch and Carbohydrates and increase vegetable and fresh fruits and almond
Increase amount of fish rich in omega 3 Like salmon, poultry
4- improve your mood and solve any social or psychic problems

Dr Ahmed Ghoneim

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