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Al-Faraby Medical Group is a Saudi National Company and one of the leading pioneers in the health care field. The company was established in 1994. It is headquartered in Dammam City, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. The Company is named after Al Faraby (Abu Nasr Mohammad Bin Mohammed Al Faraby) known in the West as Alpharabius. He was a renowned scientist and philosopher of the Islamic Golden Age and lived between 874 AD and 950 AD. He was a great and remarkable Muslim Scholar and teacher of his era. Al Faraby lifelong devotion and total commitment to promote knowledge and human prosperity are our guiding spirit to our new endeavor.

Welcome to Al-Faraby Medical Group. Al-Faraby Medical Group has expanded the spectrum of its services over the past years to fulfill its customers’ needs in the medical field within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Faraby Medical Group employees are committed to provide our patients and clients an exceptional service where quality, patient safety and performance are our top priority. We worked so hard to secure qualified people working with us who share our values and work towards implementing them. Al-Faraby Medical Group will keep on expanding and improving its services to meet our clients’ expectations. Thank you for your interest in Al Faraby Medical Group, and we recommend for you to read…portfolio.


To provide compassionate, culturally sensitive, respectful medical care by our qualified competent caring staff. To offer advanced, effective and competitive medical care solutions for both individuals and corporate from different business fields. To conform to high quality medical standards. To continue attract and develop the best qualified medical and support staff.


To be a leader in quality and affordable health care solutions and support services in Saudi Arabia.

Our Core Values

  • Quality: we maintain high standards and achieve them by continually measuring and comparing the outcomes
  • Innovation: We welcome change, encourage innovation and continually seek better and more efficient ways to achieve our goals
  • Team Work: we collaborate, cooperate and share knowledge between our people in order to achieve the best for our clients.
  • Service: We believe that Clients are at the center of everything we do. To serve them well, we have to demonstrate our availability and responsiveness, to anticipate their expectations
  • Ethics and Integrity: We take seriously our obligation to meet the highest standards of business integrity and Medical ethics. Meeting those standards is the responsibility of all our people.

Our Branches

  • The 1st Center had been opened on 19/09/1994 at Dammam City.
  • The 2nd Center had been opned on 29/09/1996 at Dhahran City\Doha.
  • The 3rd Center had been opned on 10/10/2001 at 1st Industrial City..

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